Top 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 [ MOST WANTED ]

It is not necessary to shell out thousands of dollars to buy the best piano. Even with a few hundred Dollars you can get a great quality instrument that can soothe your personal and professional musical itches.

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Along with a stylish, robust and portable design you can also avail the more advanced features that will give you the feel of a real acoustic piano.

With different types of effects, voices and modes, you can hook up these babies and have great fun with your friends, family and even your band.

These pianos are not nobodies. They are developed by trusted brands that have long been taking care of the needs of the music artists all over the world. So take a good look at the list that we have created especially for you.

List of 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 (Table)

Best Pianos Under $500WeightPrice
#1 Yamaha P4535.4 poundsCheck Price
#2 Yamaha P-3535.7 poundsCheck Price
#3 Alesis Coda Pro28 poundsCheck Price
#4 Casio Privia PX16024.5 poundsCheck Price
#5 Korg SP170s8.4 poundsCheck Price

Top 5 Digital Pianos Under 500 Dollars (Reviews)

#1. Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

Check Price

If we say Yamaha is the mother of all the Digital Pianos, we won’t be kidding. Yamaha has a history for developing innovative techniques that have proven to be revolutionary in the musical industry. Artists swear by this brand, and so do we.

  • The Yamaha P45 is an 88-note piano with a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard. The GHS action is exclusively Yamaha’s and provides a heavier touch for the lower notes on the keyboard and a lighter touch for the higher notes, just like in a real acoustic Piano.
  • The tone is generated via AWM stereo sampling which accounts for that perfectly balanced and natural piano sound. It can generate a 64-note Polyphony to play dense music without the problem of note-slipping.
  • We have 10 preset voices in the piano, which range from acoustic piano, electric piano to bass and strings. Four types of Reverb effects are also included to accommodate your music in the room you are playing.
  • The P45 supports two modes of function. One is the Dual mode two voices can be layered over each other over the entire keyboard and the other is the Duo mode that can divide the single keyboard into two and hence enabling two people to play side-by-side.
  • For connectivity, the piano been provided with a USB to HOST port that easily connect your piano to your computer where you can save, store, edit or transfer your music easily.

#2. Yamaha P-35 Digital Piano

Yamaha P-35 Digital Piano

Check Price

The Yamaha P-35 Piano is essentially the same as the P-45 as far as the looks and design are concerned, but it differs from the P-45 in terms of preset features and Connectivity.

  • The P-35 has an 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action keyboard with adjustable key touch sensitivity. This helps you greatly in developing a fingering technique which is very similar to a real Acoustic Piano.
  • This piano uses the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling for generating that spacious and rich acoustic tone. The 32 note polyphony is suitable to play complex melodies and should be enough for a beginner or an intermediate player.
  • It comes with 10 preset voices consisting of the standard instruments and 10 preset songs. Also provided are four Reverb effects to adjust the reverberation with change in the acoustics of you playing venue.
  • Along with a sustain pedal, the P-35 has also provided with a port to directly connect with MIDI. With this you can save you your music, change the tempo, voices, effects and volume of your songs and then play those MIDI files through the speakers of the piano.
  • The Metronome and Transpose functions are also available.

#3. Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano

Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano

Check Price

If you are looking for a Digital Piano jam packed with features that are typically found in an instrument that is three times the price, then buying an Alesis Coda Pro will be like hitting a jackpot.

  • The full 88-key keyboard comes alive with the weighted hammer action that cover the whole range of the keyboard in turn offering a supreme tone and playability that is similar to a real Acoustic Piano.
  • The Piano has 20 preset voices that can be played in two modes with exhilarating effects. The Split mode enables you to play two voices with each voice assigned to one half of the keyboard. The Dual/Layer mode lets you play two voices at once over the entire keyboard.
  • Moreover, Reverb, Chorus and EQ effects are also provided that can enhance and build on the detail in you music by adding an extra dimension.
  • A USB port on board enables you to record your performance and then transfer it conveniently across other devices like your personal computer.
  • A uniquely developed lesson mode instantly divides the keyboard into two parts, each having the same voice and the same pitch.

#4. Casio Privia PX160 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX160 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Check Price

Casio PriviaPX160 provides for a supreme versatility with some advanced technology developed exclusively by Casio.

  • The Casio Privia PX160 features a full 88-key Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard with ebony and ivory textured keytops that offer slippage free playing.
  • The sound generation is via the Casio’s proprietary AiR (Acoustic and intelligent resonator) that provides a lush and realistic Concert Grand Piano Tone that is further enhanced with the Damper Resonance effects.
  • The Piano offers an impressive 128 note Polyphony that gives you the necessary ability to add more details and layers in a melody. We also have the Reverb, Chorus and Brilliance effects along with 18 premium preset tones.
  • Besides the standard Dual and Split mode functionality of the Piano, Casio provides with a Duet mode that divides the keyboard in two equal ranges and allows two people to play simultaneously.
  • You can also record your performances with a two-track recording option available in the piano that can record 5000 notes at a time.
  • A USB to HOST port can connect you device to any music software on your personal computer including the MIDI.

#5. Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Check Price

When it comes to enjoying a great acoustic feel and play, Korg is not far behind Yamaha. The beautiful SO-170s has been equipped with all that can give you the playing experience of a real Piano.

  • The SP-170s has an 88-not keyboard that boasts of the Korg’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action which enable the keys of the piano to mimic the touch of a real piano. In addition, the keys are provided with varying levels of touch sensitivity which one can adjust according to their style of playing.
  • The tone is generated through Stereo Sampling which features a 120 note Polyphony.
  • The SP-170s has 10 preset voices which include two Concert Grand Piano voices along with other premium voices that have been recorded meticulously.
  • Korg features two new buttons on this keyboard, which are the Sound and Piano Play. After pressing the sound button you can press a key to select between the 10 different preset voices on the keyboard. The piano play button is a convenient shortcut to the Piano 1 or the Acoustic piano voice.
  • To enrich the music, the piano also features a Reverb effect to improve spaciousness of the tones and a Chorus effect to provide added warmth to the music.
  • Along with a MIDI out jack, the Korg SP-170s also features two headphone jacks, that enables you to share your music privately with whoever you want.

As you can see above in this article, we have reviewed Top 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 which are very much affordable for a piano lover.

We have tried hard to find these best piano which can suit your need and now It’s your turn to choose your best pick from the above recommended pianos.

I hope you will love these pianos and don’t forget to share what you think about these pianos in the below comment section. We would really love to appreciate your experiences. 😀

Published on : February 28, 2016 | Updated on : September 16, 2017

Top 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 [ MOST WANTED ]
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Top 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 [ MOST WANTED ]
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